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My works exist in the liminal space between sculpture and painting. These works are a process of construction, de-construction, and reconstruction. This recycling continues until I find a comfort in what I am doing. I make sometimes big and sometimes little moves. I am either in or out of the painting, and circle around these things going from one piece to the next, back to the other - usually interchanging pieces - making sculptures from a painting or using sculptures to put in my paintings. 


I am after a feeling of peace, satisfaction, clarity, and an ability to make impulsive, effective decisions. My interest in using painting to do this comes from dealing with depression and moments of overwhelming anxiety, usually over things that are out of my control.


Painting is an attempt to control something that actually has a mind of its own in the sense that the materials will be what they want to be or do only what they can do. My trying to control them is paradoxically similar to the emotional and psychological cycles I try to escape. Once I realize that I am not in control, I feel liberated and whatever I do is so untethered to my mind that I can make concrete decisions.  

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